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Dr. Angell O. de la Sierra, Esq.

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Marital Status : Married Height: 66.5 in.

Birth Date : February 28, 1932

Weight: 175 lbs.

Special Interests :

1. Neurophilosophy of Consciousness. Brain Dynamics.

2. Neurophysiology, neuro-pharmacology of behavior.

3. Physiology and Biophysics

4. Computer Modeling

5. Legal Medicine, Medical Malpractice

Special Qualifications:

Consultant in University Planning and Development, Adviser 1981-1985) Presidency, University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Central Administration.

Ex-Chairman Faculty of Natural Sciences UPR, Cayey

Prof. Neurophysiology,Neuropharmacology, UPR, Ponce Medical School, Puerto Rico

Ex-Consultant and Research Chemist, Department of Defense Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, Bethesda, Maryland

Ex-Research Analyst, Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C.

(Computer Design, Storage and Retrieval of Research Projects)


Dr.Angell O. de la Sierra

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Author: Texbooks, Monographies and Novels in English & Spanish (See Bibliography)


(Juris Doctor, 1986) : University of Puerto Rico

(Ph.D. - 1963) : Title of Thesis: Cytochemical and related biochemical aspects of transformation of embryonic chick fibroblasts to sarcoma cells after infection with Rous sarcoma virus. Work done in the department of biophysics of the Sloan-Kettering division of Cornell University under sponsorship of Prof. Dr. Maxwell L. Eidinoff. Degree conferred by St. John`s University, Jamaica, New York. Concentration in cytochemistry and biophysics.

(1958-59) : Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Combined MD / PhD program. After Pre-clinical courses, transferred.

MS (1958) : Title of Thesis: Kinetics of body spaces and compartmentalization. This was a mathematical analysis of distribution and rates of transfer of substances between physiological body compartments. Work done under the supervision and sponsorship of Prof. Dr. Melvin Schwartz, head of the Department of Biometrics, Cornell University Medical School. Degree conferred by Sloan-Kettering- Hunter College Program. Concentration in chemistry and physiology.

BS (1954) : Degree conferred by University of Puerto Rico. Concentration in chemistry and physiology.


  • Honors and Awards : Member UltraHiQ OmegaSociety, Mega Foundation, American Mensa, Prometheus Society.

  • Ex-Research Review Board of Mensa Educational and Research Foundation;

  • Diplomate International Society for Philosophical Enquiry. 

  • Lists: Mind & Brain, Pi Society (France)


  • Jules Ochs Adler Scholarship from Sloan-Kettering Institute (1960-63) Cornell U.Medical School

  • Sigma Xi Charter Member, Georgetown Univ. Med.School.

  • New York Academy of Sciences.

  • American Men of Science (1971-)

  • Who`s who in America (1974-).

  • Dictionary of International Biography 1974.

  • Fellow, International Institute of Community Service.

  • Member, Intercontinental Biographical Association.

  • Ex-Member, Neuroscience Society

  • Diplomate, Puerto Rican Biographical Archives (Archivo Biografico Puertorriqueno) 1979

  • Award, Personalities of America.

  • Plaque by the American Biographical Institute, 1979

  • Award, Community Leaders and Noteworthy Americans.

  • Historical Preservations of America, 1977.

  • Plaque, Notable Americans of 1976-77

    Diploma, Who`s Who of Intellectuals, 1978.

    Bronze Plaque, International Who`s Who in Community Service,1975.

    Diploma, International Institute of Community Service, 1975.

    Diploma, Intercontinental Biographical Association, 1975

    Diploma and Membership, World Academy of Scholars, New Zealand, 1976.

    Diploma and Membership, New York Academy of Sciences, 1969

    Plaque, Who`s Who in America, 1977.

    Award and Plaque, Personalities of the South, 1973.

    Diploma and Membership, Society of Sigma Xi.

    Plaque, International Register of Profiles, 1976.

    Ex-Member, American Bar Association;

    Member, P.R. Bar Association;

    Ex- Member, Federal Bar Association

    Ex-Member, Bankruptcy Bar, P.R.

    Attorney and Counsellor, U.S. Court of Appeals-1st. Circuit; Attorney, U.S. Federal Court for District of Puerto Rico.




    Dr.Angell O. de la Sierra

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    Business Experience


    1. Advisor, President of University of Puerto Rico, Central Administration (Strategic Planning for UPR System) 1981-1985

    2. University of Puerto Rico Faculty of Natural Sciences Cayey Campus, Cayey, Puerto Rico 00633 Chairman, Faculty of Natural Sciences; Professor; Design and Implementation of New Curriculum for the Natural Sciences Program.

    3. UPR School of Medicine Department of Physiology and Biophysics San Juan, Puerto Rico 1 March 1968- July 1969. Training of Medical and Graduate Students Research in Biophysics In charge of laboratory program in physiology, Committee work in curriculum design. Director of Basic Science Seminar Program for Medical Sciences Campus.

    4. Visiting Professor UPR School of Medicine, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, San Juan- Puerto Rico. Dec. 1967-28 Feb. 1967

    5. Universidad Central Madrid Instituto de Oncología Madrid, Spain 10 June 1967- Dec 1967 Training and work in experimental cancer chemotherapy.

    6. Georgetown University School of Medicine Department of Physiology and Biophysics 3900 Reservoir Road, N.W. Washington 7, D.C. 1 July 1965-1967 Teach course in Cell Physiology and Cellular Biophysics (Physiol. 203) for advanced graduate students and medical students (elective).Tutor graduate students in Ph.D. dissertation work in area of radiation effects on Fe metabolism and Na-K transport mechanism in biological membranes. Conduct research in biolectrochemistry.

    7. Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, Defense Atomic Support Agency, National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland 20014 6 Sept. 1963- July 1965 Biochemist in charge of molecular biology studies in radiation damage.


    Dr.Angell O. de la Sierra

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    Department of Experimental Pathology. Engaged in purification and characterization of hormone erythropoitein as well as studies on kinetics of radioactive Fe uptake and iron metabolism consequent to radiation damage.

    8. Head, Cellular and Molecular Biology Branch Smithsonian Institution, S.I.E. Washington, D.C. 1963-64 Consultant Analyst in Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry, design and supervise storage and computer retrieval of government research projects in these areas. Designed and directed publication on Viral Oncogenesis (continued being published by National Institutes of Health).

    9. Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research 145 Boston Post Road, Rye, New York Department of Biophysics) 1959-1963 In agreement with St. John's University, spent full time in thesis research during period 1960-63. Work involved essentially a radiochemical, autoradiographic, cytological and cytochemical study of the malignant transformation of normal cells in tissue culture by a tumor virus. The effects of selected antimetabolites on nucleic acid and protein biosynthesis was also investigated. During1959-60 Worked out two research problems in the department of experimental biology under Dr. George W. Wooley. The first involved the use of X-rays and cortisone in varying concentrations until optimal conditioning was obtained for the growth of human epidermoid carcinoma in guinea pigs. The second problem involved the study of the resumption of endocrine activity in an anaplastic ovarian tumor of A x C rat (histochemical-endocrinology study).

    10. Cornell University Medical College1300 York Avenue New York, New York (Department of Surgical Research) 1955-1958 ResearchAssociate in charge of biochemical and physiological aspects of ongoing research on esophagitis. Performed biochemical isolation proce- dures on enzyme inhibitor (electrophoresis, chromatography, lyophilization, radioisotopes, etc. Biochemical fractions were assayed by live esophageal perfusion in dogs involving both thoracic and abdominal surgery.

    11.University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras, Puerto Rico (Chemistry Department 1952-1954 Assistant Instructor in Chemistry. Department al preeparation of chemical reagents. Student briefing and supervision of student chemistry laboratory.

    References :

    1. Dr. Ismael Almodovar, Esq. Ex-President State University of Puerto Rico System, Ex-Superior Court Judge. 407 523-6948 E. Orlando, Florida

    2. Dr. Antonio Garcia Padilla, President University of P.R. System; Ex Dean, Faculty of Law University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico (787) 764-0000

    3. Dr Father Donald J. Harrington, C.M. President, St. John's University Jamaica, New York 11439

    4. Regional Director Pro Bono Colegio de Abogados, SanJuan-P.R. (787) 721-50

    Publications and Abstracts:

    Electrical work of metabolizing cells. Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Proc. 19th. Conf.-1966

    Effect of gamma rays on hemoglobin biosynthesis by reticulocytes "in vitro". School of Aerospace Medicine Report.-1966 Defense Atomic Support Agency, Washington, D.C.


    Dr.Angell O. de la Sierra

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    Effect of inhibitors of nucleic acid synthesis on the cell culture system: Chick embryo cell-Rous Sarcona Virus.Proc. Am. Assoc. for Cancer Research-1963.

    Ethanol & Beta-hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenase activity in Rous Sarcoma Cells. Sloan-Kettering Annual Report Bulletin-1962. Sloan-Kettering Division of Cornell University Medical School-N.Y.C, N.Y.

    An inhibitor of peptic activity recoverable from gastric juice.

    Surgical Forum-X 1960.Reflux Esophagitis. Modern Medicine-1960

    Esophagogastrostomy without reflux utilizing submucosal tunnel in the stomach. Annals of Surgery-1960.

    Resumption of endocrine activity in anaplastic ovarian tumor from AxC rat. Sloan-Kettering Annual Report Bulletin-1960. Sloan Kettering Division of Cornell University Medical School N.Y.C., N.Y.

    Heterotransplantation of human epidermoid carcinoma into guinea pigs. Optimal conditioning by X-ray and cortisone. Sloan-Kettering Annual Report Bulletin-1960.Sloan-Kettering Division of Cornell University Medical School-N.Y.C., N.Y.

    Perfusion of canine esophagus with secretions of upper gastrointestinal tract. Annals of Surgery-1959.

    Biocell Migration to Anodic Surface of Electrochemical Cell.

    Biophysical Society Feb.-1970 Baltimore, Maryland.

    Role of Depolarizer in Redox Half Cell on Cellular Adsorption and Electron Transfer to Electrode Surface. Biophysical Society Feb.-1968 Boston, Mass.

    Electrochemical Biocells. Presented at IV International Congress of Biophysics held in Moscow, USSR 1972.

    Endogenous Opioids and Pleasurable Behavior. Presented at International Congress of Biophysics held in Mexico City, Mexico - 1981.

    Glycine as a Neuroactive Agent.

    Presented at 17th ACS Junior Technical Meeting held at Interamerican University, San Juan P. R.- 1981.

    Purificacion de los Acidos Castelicos. Presented at ACS Junior Technical Meeting held at Catholic University,, Ponce, P.R. - 1980.

    Inhibidores de la Sintesis de Poliaminas y su Efecto sobre la Influencia del Ambiente en el Cerebro.Presented at ACS Junior Technical Meeting held at Catholic University, Ponce, P.R. - 1980.

    Various literary essays on philosophy of science and education as a columnist for main newspapers in Puerto Rico.

    Write Juridical Review essays for Lex Juris of P.R.

    Write monthly articles for Telicom, Journal of International Society for Philosophical Enquiry.

    Write articles in neurophilosophy for various Ultra HiQ journals including Mega Society’s Noesis, Ultranet Soc. Ubiquity, Pi Society’s Perfection and Prometheus Soc. Gift of Fire. Copies provided if requested.


    1. "Neurophilosophy of Consciousness". Volumes I-IV  Trafford Publishing, Inc.

    2. "Treatise on Neurophilosophy of Consciousness." (2010) Trafford Publishing, Inc.

    3. Neoplastic Cell Transformation (1963) St. John's University , New York.

    4. Human Biology - Theory Experimental, Vol. I, II, University of Puerto Rico. Editorial Board (1979 Paperback publication by UPR Audiovisual Center, Cayey, Puerto Rico)

    5. Biopsychosociology - Limusa, Editorial Mexico City (1987)

    6. El Nido de Cuco (Novel) - P.R. Institute of Culture Editorial (1985), San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    7. Strategic Planning for UPR System - Editorial UPR., unpublished

    8. Medical Malpractice - Legal Medicine -unpublished.

    9. Of Freedom and Other Illusions – (translated from Spanish publication)

    10. The Montero Enterprises –                             (")

    11. Lamb's head or lion's tail? –                           (")

    12. The Duplex House-

    Brief Summary

    My Curriculum Vitae will evidence my experience in the medical sciences environment as a research associate in the Department of Biophysics, Cornell University Medical School (Sloan-Kettering Division), Research Chemist for the Department of Defense (Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute), faculty member at both Georgetown University Medical School and (State) University of Puerto Rico Medical School (Departments of Physiology and Biophysics). Co-founder of Cayey Campus, U.P.R. where I held Chairmanship, Faculty of Natural Sciences. I have written texts in Human Biology (UPR-AV) and Neurophysiology of Behavior (Ed. Limusa, Mexico), among others (see CV). A listing of more than 12 books with various publishers. I was until 1992 a tenured full professor in anatomy-physiology and neurobiology at (State) University of Puerto Rico and retired to work continue and expand on brain dynamics problem. Finally, I have had experiences in both the administrative (Ex-Natural Sciences Faculty Chairman) and legal areas (litigation attorney in medical malpractice). My current research intereststs are related to organic (anatomico-physiological) basis of behavior and consciousness and their biopsychosocial correlates. Currently active as Member of various Ultra HiQ groups.



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